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ABBA The Museum celebrates the 40th anniversary of ABBA's international breakthrough. A day for fans and family!

ABBA The Museum celebrates the 40th anniversary of ABBA’s international breakthrough in the Eurovision Song Contest 1974. The museum invites the whole family to take part in new exhibits and experience a special tribute to ABBA fans through the premier performance of the museum's own choir: ABBA The Museum/The Choir.

On Sunday, April 6 - the day on which, 40 years ago, ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton - the museum will offer various activities for children and adults, but especially for ABBA fans. In addition to the exhibition and all of the interactive installations where visitors can go up and sing with the band members or virtually try on their stage costumes, the museum will also present some new ways to celebrate ABBA's victory in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Waterloo:

“We have new exhibits to unveil concerning Waterloo that I personally am very happy about,” says the museum’s curator Ingmarie Halling. “For example, we have a Viewmaster containing images from Brighton in 1974. As you click through the images you will listen to Benny Andersson read from the diary entry he wrote on that day in Brighton. We will even have brand new articles on display for the first time, like the silvery black platform shoes that Benny was wearing when ABBA won the Swedish Melodifestivalen with Waterloo.”

Visitors will also have the possibility, with the help of professionals, to crochet their own ABBA cap like the one worn by Agnetha Fältskog on that day in Brighton in 1974.

Guitar builder Göran Malmberg built the famous star-shaped guitar that Björn Ulvaeus used during the performance in Brighton in 1974. On Sunday, the museum has invited Göran to hold a master class in how to build a guitar. The museum is also offering an opportunity for those interested to order an exact replica of Björn’s “star” guitar. The star guitar is being produced in a limited edition under the supervision of Göran Malmberg and signed by both him and Björn Ulvaeus.

“Björn’s star guitar is a hallmark of Waterloo and an important symbol of the pop sensation, ABBA. We are extremely proud that the builder of that guitar will be on the premises. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to place dibs on your own numbered, limited edition copy of the star guitar - a memory for life,” says Mattias Hansson, CEO ABBA The Museum.

Just in time for the anniversary, Björn Ulvaeus has written a pop-saga: it is the tale of four young artists who became two couples in love, formed a pop band called ABBA and created music that touched the whole world. The story, which is aimed at children but even adults can appreciate, is illustrated by Ola Skogäng. The illustrations are filmed with Björn himself playing the role of the narrator and will premier at the museum on April 6.

The premier of the museum's own choir will also take place on April 6 when the singers will perform a special concert for the first time, under the direction of Karin Bäckström from Adolf Fredrik's Music School. The choir will sing several of ABBA's greatest hits such as WaterlooThank You For The Music and Chiquitita. The songs will be presented with newly composed choral arrangements by Göran Arnberg. Göran has worked for many years as Benny Andersson’s musical notator and arranger and is a member of the BAO (Benny Andersson’s Orchestra).

“Since we are not going to reunite for the 40th anniversary, I thought a choir singing ABBA would be exciting,” says Björn Ulvaeus. “A really good choir singing songs that Benny and I have written is a dream for us as authors.”

Choir singers from Sweden and all over the world have applied for the sought-after choir positions. Interest has been great, with applications coming in from over 50 countries.

The winner of the global competition; The Missing Member in which one international chorist could win a place in the choir and get the trip to Stockholm for free, was concluded recently. Ms Grace McCullum from Australia was selected the happy winner with the motivation; “ABBA has always held a very special place in Australians hearts, and I know I can bring passion all the way from Australia to ABBA The Museum/The Choir”. For the jubilee Grace is flown in from Hobart, Australia to participate in the performance.

Mattias Hansson adds:

“The story of ABBA is a story that touches the whole world. So it feels natural to allow people from all corners of the world to share their personal memories of ABBA and the songs. With the help of our competition The Missing Member, we are collecting stories through social media.”

To be guaranteed a spot at the choir's performance, visitors are adviced to have an admission ticket to the museum on April 6th between the hours of 10:00 and 14:00. For anyone who does not have a ticket for April 6th, entrance will be subject to availability. The choir will appear at 3 pm. Tickets are available at the museum at Djurgårdsvägen 68; on the museum's website, www.abbathemuseum.com; and through the museum's ticket partner, SJ, www.sj.se/abbathemuseum

Facts ABBA The Museum

ABBA The Museum opened its doors to the public May 7, 2013 and is located on Djurgården, between Liljevalchsgatan and Gröna Lund. ABBA is one of the world's most successful music groups with over 378 million records sold worldwide. ABBA The Museum presents an overview of the group, from ABBA’s formation in the early '70s, the breakthrough with Waterloo in 1974, the major world tours, until the break-up in 1982.

Since the opening, the museum has had more than 275,000 visitors, and was chosen as one of top 3 destinations in Sweden by international travel agencies at the yearly Swedish Tourist Gala in 2013.

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About ABBA The Museum

ABBA is one of the most successful pop groups of all time, having sold more than 380 million albums. At ABBA The Museum you can experience the band’s history, while taking part in it too by trying on virtual ABBA stage costumes, singing in the Polar Studio or mixing original music. You can also get up on stage with ABBA avatars and become the fifth member of ABBA. Your admission ticket has a QR code, which you can scan to activate the interactive features in the exhibition. You can also choose to save your visit, allowing you to download your material from our website and relive your visit when you get home. Enhance your museum experience with our unique Audioguide, featuring Agnetha, Benny, Björn and Frida narrating stories from their career. Our latest addition to the museum is “Arrival The Experience”, a virtual helicopter ride from ABBA The Museum out to the island of Viggsö in the Stockholm archipelago, where all the music magic started! Walk In. Dance Out.